BMT History

The BMT journey began in 2003 at a party in Alexandria, Virginia when Charlie, Jim, and Mark discovered a mutual love for rock and roll, as well as years of experience in various bands. 

The boys began exploratory practices with Charlie and Mark on guitar / vocals and Jim on drums, while casting the net far and wide for new and talented members. It wasn't long before Adam Fazackerley’s vocals and guitar were added to the blend of rock covers. That same night, Joel Torrey of Fredricksburg, Virginia was added on bass and backup vocals.

The group settled into some serious work developing their unique product of sound and style and named the band Black Moon Tonic (to learn the mysteries of where the name came from and what it means, just buy one of us a drink).

By 2005, the group had changed bass players and added Bob Dalton. The group was making big strides and started to develop their loyal following of fans who appreciated the cut loose, dance, drink and party atmosphere that became standard with every show. Band originals had also started becoming fan favorites and standards at every show.
By 2007, BMT had added Craig Feneley of Herndon with his deep-pockets of experience at bass, Paul Murphy with his classical skills at horns, and Mary Bowers at stand-out keyboards.  Each of these additions pushed the BMT sound further into its unique and polished blend of rock, country, R&B and originals.

2012 saw major changes that sealed the current band lineup. Mark O'Connell bowed out gracefully and Tommy Kemler came on with blistering keyboard licks and JD White added his signature vocals and guitar tone.

Black Moon Tonic continues to evolve its unique sound. Two constants through the years have been a love of music and a healthy disrespect for each other.


"Whether Black Moon Tonic is harmonizing Eagles covers at a smoky bar, rocking-out some classic rock to huge festival audiences, quietly serenading a restaurant dinner crowd or keeping a private party dancing to Earth Wind and Fire tunes, BMT brings a unique, memorable show custom tailored to each engagement that guarantees a smile on every face."

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Band Bios

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Paul Murphy
Craig Feneley

Charlie Zdebski (aka: Z)

Guitar / Vocals

Adam FazackerleyCharlie was born in New York and being raised happily on Big Band music, Top 40 radio and 70's rock and disco.  Then he discovered two interesting albums in his sister Monica's collection; Born to Run and Greetings from Asbury Park.  Things were never the same and he has been singing and playing guitar ever since.  While he has studied, played and enjoyed  everything from jazz to oldtime crooners to Motown to grunge, it always comes back to the intersection of rock, soul and R&B.  Rosalita, wherever you are, come out tonight!


Adam Fazackerley
Jim Woods (aka: Stix)


Jim hails from Long Island New York where he started  playing bass guitar and triangle in bands at age 12.    Over the years he would play bass for Statik, Long Island Sound and finally Rhubarb.    In College he played bass for Brighton Rock,  The Grip, and Woody and the Termites.   Jim lived in New York City during the 80's where he was successful as a DJ at various clubs.     Jim loves Heavy Metal and was a regular watching  MTV's  Headbangers Ball.    He challenges anyone to naming any and all 80's metal bands.     Although he played drums in high school it was a mid life crisis which pulled him back to the kit.    Jim has been influenced by Liberty Devitto, Joe Franco, Phil Ehart, and Jim Bonfanti.    A shout out to Spanky,  Wally and Boomer!


Adam Fazackerley
Adam Fazackerley (aka: Rev.)

Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Adam was born in Omaha, Nebraska to an Air Force fighter pilot and a very talented teacher.  After living throughout the US and Europe, he decided to settle in Virginia.  His short 3 year stint as a grade school trumpet player was the only experience with an instrument until college when he started to play guitar and write songs.  By the end of his time at Syracuse, Fazackerley was playing out regularly in folk clubs and local parties with Bill Alberti (beer drinker, hippy, Patriot) as a two man acoustic group.  Initially playing bass guitar with BMT, Adam switched to playing rhythm guitar and focused on singing.  Fazackerley’s favorite bands include: The Grateful Dead, Cake, Phish, Jim Croce, Steal Pulse, Sade, Taj Mahal, Guns & Roses, and John Coltrane.  Adam lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Amy, three boys (Andrew, Miles and Cade) and his dog (Belle).


Black Moon Tonic
Paul Murphy (aka: Chief)

Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Northern Virginia, Paul began playing the horn at age 12.  An All State performer, he was principal horn with the nationally renowned Fort Hunt High School Wind Ensemble and a charter and current member of the Capital Wind Symphony, established in 1992.  A fan of varied music styles from classical to blues to jazz to rock, Murphy began playing his horn with BMT in 2006.  Late one night that summer in Faz's basement, Faz broke out his dad's old cornet and the full BMT horn section was officially born.  He lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Sue and four kids---Brendan (trombone), Patrick (oboe), Carolyn (horn) & Sean (tbd)---looking forward to the debut of the Murphy Clan “Tower of Power”.


Black Moon Tonic
Craig Feneley (aka: Captain)


Born and raised in New England, Craig started playing bass while attending High School in Ridgefield, Ct.  School dances and Battle of Bands contests were the highlights of this time. Attending the University of Utah, jazz became the focus of his music interests.  He played for the University's jazz big band, and numerous ensembles.  While earning a degree in Jazz Theory and Composition, he played throughout the area in various rock, country, and jazz projects. He has a love for improvisation, and influences range from the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers, to Miles Davis and Bob Dylan.  He and his wife Mary have lived in Herndon since 1991. The have two boys, Michael and Jack.


Tom Kemler (aka: Sparky)

Tom was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, where he now lives with his wife and daughter.  He played a variety of instruments growing up but gravitated to the piano.  With the benefit of classical training and lessons from a prior keyboardist with the Beach Boys, he has played in several pop/rock bands in the area, some of which opened for national acts at local festivals.  In addition, Tom has played keyboards on several studio recordings that were commercially released.  He is excited to be a part of Black Moon Tonic.


JD White (aka: Jim Jimlet)
Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

JD (who also answers to Jim) was raised in Hampton, Va. and was transformed after seeing “The Beatles at Shea Stadium” on tv. In third grade, he placed in the elementary school talent show singing “The Bare Necessities”, and the stage became his fun place. After years of piano lessons JD was given a cheap acoustic guitar and the race was on. With a garage band in middle school, and 35 years singing and playing bass with Debris, the seminal power pop band from his college days, JD has always been close to the rock. In that time he’s written over 70 songs (some good!). JD began subbing for various BMT members for a few years before gladly joining the band in 2012. His influences include the Carpenters, Alice Cooper, the Faces, Prince, Dwight Yoakam, the Partridge Family, Iggy Pop, Wings, the Stones, Lou Reed, the Beach Boys, and David Bowie.


Mary Bowers
Art Gauthier (aka: Art We Need Help)
BMT Soundman

Art is a professional sound engineer who has taken on the challenge of keeping Black Moon Tonic sounding great. The bands favorite pastime of adding more instruments, members and electronic equipment keeps Art a busy man.



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